18 April, 2014

Um, yep...

....it's been a whole month since my last blog post.  It's not as if I haven't thought about blogging... I just haven't carved out the time to do so.

Lot's of stuff happening around here and as usual, the end of school has us swamped with track, school field trips, all things soccer related - games, practices, etc., and end of school projects, reports and events, etc.  Fun, fun!

Throw into the mix a few photography sessions and you have the makin's of one busy mama.

But, probably the biggest news (for me, anyway) is that Randy surprised me with a new vehicle about three weeks ago!

The girls and I pulled up to the house and I hit the automatic garage door opener and there sat my dream car!  A brand new Toyota 4-Runner 4x4 Trail version.  It's black with black interior and super cool!

We've talked about getting a new vehicle, but I had it in my mind that we would wait for another year or so.  But, Randy had other ideas.  He already knew exactly what I wanted, so he just went and got it for me.  Pretty cool man I've got there, don't ya think?

The girls are out of school (Friday & Monday) for Easter break and I could not be more excited!  We needed a break in a bad way.  I think today we'll stop by Sonic, get a big drink and head to the park for some much needed down time.   


  1. 10 points to Randy for sneaking a car in the garage to surprice you. Lucky you. Enjoy your summer time and tell the girls HAPPY SUMMER from us. We are still busy working here - school is not over till late June/early July here. Easter was busy and great fun - I shared some pictures on my FB page - Mies cake was awesome this time. SOO yummy and so cute. =0)


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