28 May, 2014

Photo Dump

Here's some pictures of what we've been up to...  

Randy's brother Andrew got married.  He married a gal named Larinda... which, incidentally is my middle name.  Weird.

Kyla was inducted into the Elementary chapter of the National Honor Society.

Elisan was inducted into the Junior High chapter of the National Honor Society.

Kyla had awards chapel. She was awarded the award for outstanding performance in Physical Education, the highest average in Bible Memory and the Presidential Achievement award for maintaining all A's for the entire school year.  Great job!

Here I am congratulating my girls' track team for finishing FIRST place in the district track meet!  We had such a great meet!

Also, Elisan's award night was a big success for her.  She was awarded highest average in Bible, Math, Science, English and Spanish.  She also received the Presidential Achievement award as well.

Kyla's team recently had a soccer tournament and finished first place in their division.

Her team also finished in a three way tie for first place in regular season. 

During the tournament, Kyla crashed the goalie.  It was pretty intense.  (She's the one in black... flying over the goalie.)

Kyla also recently had tryouts for her new team.  She made the TOP team in her age group... basically in the top ten group of girls out of 200+.

Here's Elisan diving for the ball.  She had an amazing soccer season this year.  Her coach actually told her that she was the best goalie in the league!  WOW!  That's amazing... especially coming from her former professional soccer playing coach who once played with the world-famous Pele'.

And that seems to be about it.  Only 1.5 days left of school and I could not be more excited for some down time!  (If only that were true...)


  1. great action shots! Way to go smart girls!! So proud of all of your accomplishments this year, on the field and in the classroom. XOXO

  2. Gee - clever girls - congratulations. Our next door neighbours moved to Indiana - their 7th grader Philip received the Presidential Achievement award as well and his parents were SO proud as moving to another school and country and culture is not that easy at his age. Thanks for sharing story and photoes cannot believe the girls are that grown up now. Best wishes C and K ENJOY your summer - we are flying to France on Friday for two weeks.


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